Flow unlocks a new dimension on your QNAP

The advanced Flow Media Asset Management (MAM) software offers editorial users all the functions and features needed for media- and workflow handling as well as archiving - directly on your QNAP NAS device. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use software for all users handling large volumes of digital media files and/or for users who work with media production. Managing content has never been so simple.

One Solution – All Features

The Flow software knows all about videos, pictures and audio files and is the window for more advanced functions in managing media content that is stored on your QNAP NAS device. These 6 elements of the Flow system cover all needed Media Asset Management functions.


Upload/ingest, search, view, edit.

Collaboration Rooms

Fast and easy communication of both internal and external feedbacks, commenting and approvals.

Manage Workflows

Create any degree of automation for all processes and workflows,

Project Management

Freely composable structures of individual or shared folders each with its own metadata, user-access, etc.


Complete Media Archive & Editorial Management.

Publishing & Distribution

Share your content to any social media, OTT or VOD platform as well as websites.

Superior performance

We are confident that our solution can deliver a superior performance that is faster, more efficient and more scalable than anything else on the market.

What you need

What you need to have your own Media Asset Management system up and running is a QNAP NAS device, our Flow Works software and a browser to access the system.




QNAP NAS devices with Intel x86 processor


Through any modern browser


Flow Works' own MAM software


Flow Works



Media assets

Any text, picture, video or audio file

Suitable media file formats

Any format

Flow in a nutshell



File size

No limitations

Cloud compatibility



Unlimited with flow-2-flow connectors

Video tutorials

Get started with your Flow! We'll guide you.

Install Flow on your NAS device

Get started with basic functions

Manage projects in media production

Collaboration & publish/share

How to integrate workflows

An industry-proven professional software

The Flow Works software originates from the Broadcast industry, being able to handle large high quality digital media in professional formats. It is therefore built for professional needs and this sets it apart from regular CMS and DAM systems. One of the key professional features is the built-in automated transcoder.

Flow in comparison

Wondering how Flow does the work better than similar alternative services?

Online video services

While online video services focus on only streaming or distributing video content, the Flow Works software provides a holistic solution with structure to organize complete production lines from camera over ingest, metadata enrichment, over online collaboration for users located elsewhere until versioning and final distribution.
The problem with online video services is that they only keep a small derivative of the file which no longer can be used for further video editing. What is missing in online video services is therefore the reuse of the files and in addition the deep archiving, which allows the originals to be stored for future use in another post production into any other content.

Collaboration services

The collaboration services have the same problematics as online video services, being that they only store a derivative (proxy) of the file which makes the file unusable for future post productions. This type of services also do not enable deep archiving, making it impossible to access the original files when needed.
The Flow Works software includes a full-featured collaboration module with so called Rooms, that allows you to cooperate with both internal and external persons with ease while still benefiting from all other features of the system. With our system you get the collaboration tool included, eliminating the need for additional complexity through additional costly collaboration tools.

File transfer tools

Like all the other online services, also file transfer tools only focus on one specific part of the complete media management chain. In general, they do not offer any media management services with basic features such as previewing, transcoding or working with metadata mostly not being available. For example metadata has to be delievered separately with text files, xml files or excel sheets while the software from Flow Works stores everything in one container. With our software you benefit from the built-in automated transcoder that optimizes file size before sharing. With this you can avoid sharing massive file sizes that both block Internet lines as well as take up costly storage space on both your side and in the recipients' storage solution.

Make the most of your QNAP NAS device

The Flow software knows all about videos, pictures and audio files and is the window for more advanced functions in managing media content that is stored on your QNAP NAS device. The Flow software is compatible with all QNAP devices that have an Intel x86 processor. Contact your QNAP distributor for more information.

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